Carlos Munoz Kampff

Web & Digital Arts


I am here to help you tell your story by designing and implementing your digital strategies: website, social media, newsletter and analytics. You will benefit from my training at both programing and business schools, my breadth of professional experience, and my passion for communication.

Web Design, Development and IT

Here’s a secret: Today’s breadth of open source and inexpensive plugin solutions mean that with a little know-how you can consolidate many online services (think: dozens of web services, monthly fees and their lovely passwords) and instead work with an integrated solution for your organization or project. 

  • Beautiful, mobile-optimized landing pages
  • CRM database, donation and e-commerce functionality
  • PHP, Javascript and MySQL custom object oriented code and integrations
  • Intranet/extranet functionality for stakeholder engagement
  • Project management tools including Kanban, calendars, wiki and to-do lists
  • Business email and newsletter setup

Reporting and Key Performance Indicator Analytics

Analytics go a long way in helping you make decisions for the health of your organization. Let’s take a look at the totality of your communications funnel, identify indicators and goals, and create a reporting system. 

  • Reporting dashboards for Google Analytics that track how people come to your site
  • Custom-built utm-code to track click rates for specific engagement campaigns
  • Key performance indicators to plan and grow your organization
  • Google Tag Manager Events with custom triggers that can be tracked in Google Analytics, thus getting a more granular view of website usage, form submissions and abandonment.

Content Production & Personalization

Content is how you connect with your audience, donors and stakeholders. I have the gear, talent, and experience to help you effectively deliver your message in a personalized way to build true relationships.

  • Articles that drive search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Videos that showcase & inspire
  • Professional photography
  • Audio, soundtrack & narration recording

Track Record

I’ve had the privilege to work with a variety of small businesses, educational organizations, startups and nonprofits.

Your Website as a Hub of Connectivity

Nowadays your website can be a tool to connect with your audience, clients, stakeholders and collaborators. You can manage your projects, design email campaigns, sell and invoice for goods and services, accept payments and donations, manage contacts, even set up your very own social media platform all on your multi-level site. And this now (finally!) allows for an integrated experience.

See the Forest for the Trees.

I’ve been an active leader in startups and organizations in different stages, received a scholarship and training from the Institute of Entrepreneurial Leadership (JFKU) and started and managed my own business for seven years. I bring a larger perspective, knowledge and intuition about what your project needs to succeed. It’s not just about coding, it’s about solutions.


A Clear Process for Robust Solutions.

My goal is to be your one-stop shop solution. I learned programming, business strategy and digital arts so that you can focus on serving your audience and customers. We’ll take a holistic look and identify what is really important to you and your project and how to take concrete steps to accomplish and measure these defined goals.

Let’s Work Together

I’m genuinely excited to hear about your vision for how to take your project to the next level and create real value and connection in the world. I looove entrepreneurship.




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